About the Author

About the Author
Ayden Zayn
Ayden Zayn

In 1991 college student Ayden Zayn converted to Islam. White-American and from a Jewish background, he was eager to share the teachings of his newfound faith. He sought a comprehensive yet brief explanation of the basics that could also clarify some of the common misconceptions. But much of the existing pamphlets he found to be lacking, not ideally suited for an American audience. So after a few years of studying and dialoguing, he set out to write his own. In 1993 the “30 Facts About Islam” pamphlet was born and Ayden distributed it at various Islamic and interfaith events.

After working in the field of da’wah and education for many years, he uploaded the text of the pamphlet to a simple single-page website in 1999, the early days of the internet. Left mostly untouched, this page organically grew as countless other websites linked to it or quoted its text, and the positive feedback was overwhelming. Eventually, Ayden decided to develop the “30 Facts” content further by producing companion content such as full-color postcards and an eBook. And in Ramadan 2017 this once single-page website was expanded to include downloadable content, a blog section, videos, discussion forums and more.

Today Ayden Zayn continues to maintain the 30 Facts About Islam website, lectures occasionally, and works diligently behind the scenes developing other Islamic websites and content.

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